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Explore Tampere Region – Your gateway to Inland Finland

Tampere Region is the second largest region by population in Finland. It is a modern concentration of industry, commerce, services and education.

Tampere City Region is one of the most attractive growth centres in Finland. It includes the city of Tampere, towns of Nokia, Orivesi and Ylöjärvi and the municipalities of Kangasala, Lempäälä, Pirkkala and Vesilahti. One of the most important advantages for the region is the nationally suitable location in the crossroads of the main traffic ways.


Tampere City

Tampere is the largest inland city in Scandinavia. Tampere is located on an isthmus between lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, in a beautiful ridge scenery. The Tammerkoski rapids are a nationally recognized landscape.

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Imagine a luxurious, soft bed in a modern setting overlooking the whole city. Or staying in an award-winning hostel fit to your budget. Or maybe your dream is a getaway in the forest, tucked up in a cosy, romantic cottage?

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Unique local design and shopping centres
Shopping centres, department stores, small boutiques, shops, vintage, flea markets and design – all within walking distance from the main street Hämeenkatu. People who love shopping, love Tampere.



What is your dream holiday made of; the urban city beat, quiet village roads in the middle of golden fields, the call of the owe in the wilderness, prearranged holiday packages, outdoor life on your own or actionpacked days on an farm together with the family?

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Colourful food scene

Vibrant food scene of Tampere attracts from all over Finland! Best gastropubs, authentic cuisines from all over the world, and Nordic Guide awarded restaurants both in fine dining and casual restaurants. You won’t be hungry in Tampere, there’s too many good places for delicious food!

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Nature and lakes

Tampere region – and even city centre – is a unique combination of nature and culture. When wanting a quiet moment you can find yourself in a forest by the lake in 10 minutes from the main street. Or if you prefer, you can spend your whole holiday in a cottage in the middle of a forest!

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Sports in Tampere

Tampere has two ice hockey teams as the only city in Finland. This is why Tampere is such a big scene for ice hockey and other sports. Tampere will also host the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 in the new Deck Arena!

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Events in Tampere

Many biggest events in Finland are held in Tampere due to good selection of hotels and event venues. Big concerts, festivals, exhibitions… For example Blockfest was founded in Tampere 2007 and it has grown to be the biggest hip hop festival in the Nordic Countries.

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Sauna Capital of Finland

Tampere has the most public saunas in Finland, and also the oldest public sauna still open in Finland. Rajaportti sauna, Rauhaniemi sauna and Kaupinoja sauna are waiting for you! There are also two new steamy places opening in city centre in near future.

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… And so much more!

There is just too many good things to say about Tampere. Come see our city, our welcoming locals, our positively weird urban atmosphere!



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